Thursday, January 10, 2013


by Dr. Evan Ratner M.D.
The topic of concussions in athletes has really been in the spotlight recently. There have been multiple stories on the local and national news, newspapers, and the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated.
From the NFL to the NCAA  to the UIL recognition of this all to common injury has come to the forefront of our awareness.  We have successfully managed  athletes who have sustained concussions over the past several months.
Some athletes have been cleared to return to play earlier than expected, and some have required a longer recuperation period.  By recognizing and properly managing concussion syndromes we hope to prevent the long term effects of repetitive, cumulative head injuries.
Impact Urgent Care has become a leader in neurocognitive testing for concussion management in San Antonio.
Although football may be the most widely recognized high risk sport, there are other high risk sports including soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, baseball and bicycling. The optimal management includes obtaining a baseline study on any athlete at risk for head injury. If an injury occurs than those baseline results can be compared to a post - injury test to optimize the management of that injury.        
 The baseline study takes about 30 minutes and costs  no more than 10 dollars. A small investment of time and money can really make a difference when it comes to caring for concussions.

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